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Oishii’s Second Round of Funding Nets Them $134M

Sean Campbell
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The New Jersey indoor farming company Oishii, known for causing headlines when their high value strawberries hit the market at $50 for a clamshell of eight berries, has secured $134 million in their second round of funding from a group of primarily Japanese-based investors. The new funding is reportedly going towards the construction of a new production facility in New Jersey, which will feature water recycling, on-site power generation, and the use of robotics and AI as a source of automation for planting, maintenance and harvest. This move will increase the company’s existing strawberry production alongside their latest addition, the Rubī Tomato.

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to try Oishii berries, you’re in luck. Since their introduction, the berries dropped to $20 per clamshell for those same eight berries in 2022 and have recently been reported at $11 for a clamshell. If you’re in the New York area and you have the opportunity, give them a try. 

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