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Vineland’s New Metabolomic Profiling Services

Jennifer Polanz
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The term “metabolomic profiling service” was a new one to me and maybe it’s new to you, too. I received a notice recently from Vineland Research and Innovation Centre about this new service they're offering. Here’s their description: “Metabolomics is an emerging field in horticulture, offering invaluable insights into underlying biological activity and cellular states. By leveraging the power of metabolomics, you can unlock new possibilities for optimizing your work and achieving your goals.”

This service can provide a metabolite profiling of plants, microbes, soils and environmental samples. Samples are collected in the field (or greenhouse or indoor farm) and analyzed at the laboratory at Vineland. Results for basic projects like comparing two groups can be turned around in about a week. More complex projects might take longer.

They specialize in:

● Genetically modified plants

● Greenhouse, field-grown and wild plants

● Trees, shrubs and ornamentals

● Inoculated and infected plant tissues

● Cannabis

● Insects (friend and foe)

● Soil and irrigation media

● Bioactive products and treatments

● Horticultural waste streams and by-products

● Fermentation products

If this has piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more, visit    

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