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Koppert Introducing Digital Assistant

Jennifer Polanz

Koppert, a biologicals company based in the Netherlands, will be beta-testing an AI-driven digital assistant for CEA growers in 2024.

“Through our conversations with growers, we are able to provide the right solutions for their crop protection challenges,” said Gabriel van der Kruijk, digital transformation manager at Koppert. “We are embracing digital technologies to make those conversations available 24/7.”

According to the folks at Koppert, the digital assistant uses a natural language processing model to interpret the question asked by a grower and uses a generative AI model to deliver the answer in a ChatGPT-like fashion.

“Like ChatGPT, it can handle complex conversations and generate easy-to-understand responses,” Gabriel said. “Growers can also choose to share their own data—for example, their Koppert order history and scouting data—for an even more personalized experience. This combination can provide a strong foundation for a data-driven integrated pest management (IPM) strategy.”

The Koppert team will have the digital assistant for demo at trade shows in 2024, and they’re conducting testing with consultants and a select group of customers.


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