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Acuity Adds New Family of Lights

Jennifer Polanz

Technology company Acuity Brands has acquired the Arize family of hort lighting products from Current Lighting Solutions (previously GE Current) and aligned itself with HortAmericas to distribute the lineup in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The transaction for the lighting products is expected to be finalized by the end of January and the HortAmericas agreement will go into effect once the transaction is complete.

“By adding these high-powered, greenhouse-focused luminaires to our horticulture lighting portfolio, Acuity Brands will be positioned to greatly expand our product offering to the fast-growing controlled environment agriculture market, while taking advantage of our lighting and controls expertise to help growers increase productivity while decreasing energy consumption,” said Tony Gineris, vice president and general manager of Industrial and Outdoor at Acuity Brands, in a statement.

HortAmericas President Chris Higgins noted in the announcement that his company was grateful to have the opportunity to work with Current Lighting to help develop the lineup of LED grow lights.

“We are now excited to partner with Acuity Brands and continue building on the success, as well as the products, technology and services so many growers have come to depend on,” he said.


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