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Wholesum by the Numbers

Jennifer White
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Wholesum, a large organic grower with greenhouse, shadehouse and open field operations in both the U.S. and Mexico, recently released its annual “Conscientious Company Report”—which is their take on a sustainability report. It looks at everything from gender equality in their workforce to solar energy, money they’ve invested in local communities, and all your usual suspects such as energy use, waste and water.

Some fun numbers for you:

● More than 57 million gallons of water used and 30.2% of that was recirculated

● 58.2% of their energy came from renewable sources

● 71 tons of carton recycled

● 214 tons of steel recycled or repurposed from old greenhouse structures

● 960,000 lady bugs produced in-house for pest management

You can see the full 2022 report online at and scroll down to the bottom for the Resource Center link, or visit this LINK.


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