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Sollum Technologies’ New Hort Lighting Research

Jennifer Polanz

The LED grow light company Sollum Technologies is launching a new research program designed to help controlled environment growers with their lighting needs. The program, called SEARCH (Sollum Empowering Academic Researchers in CEA and Horticulture), will align the company with researchers and institutions to “bring about breakthroughs in the knowledge and practice of horticulture lighting while using Sollum’s cutting-edge LED grow light solutions,” according to the announcement.

“By making our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions available to researchers, we aim to enable them to work at the frontier of horticulture lighting science and accelerate the discovery of new insights into topics such as yield optimization, morphology management, pest and disease control, and maximizing crop and nutritional quality in the most energy-efficient way,” said Michael Hanan, senior sales director, U.S. market for Sollum.

The company already has some internal research on its website, including a series of white papers and several case study links. Over the past year, the Montreal-based company has announced partnerships with several growers for installations and trials. Visit for the details.

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