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Good Bug Dispenser

Jennifer Polanz
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So that’s a VERY simplistic way of describing the Entomatic, an automated beneficial insect dispenser from Biobest as a result of a collaboration with HortiWorld.

“Entomatic has been designed and engineered to deliver a very even, accurate and homogenous flow of mite products, such as Phytoseiulus-System, Amblyseius-System and Swirskii-System,” said Hanne Steel, Biobest product portfolio manager for beneficials. “It can also play a valuable role dispensing suitable pupae and egg-based biocontrol products.”

The Entomatic has been in development for several years after HortiWorld was approached by a strawberry grower, who asked for help
in automating the process of distributing beneficials.

This product “continuously and gently blows the mites onto the crop,” said HortiWorld’s Rembrandt van Meegen. “By slowing down the air flow, more mites land on the leaves—where they are required—with minimal falling to the floor. The reservoir enables different products to be carried. When pre-mixed, an auger system provides continuous and homogenous supply to the dispensing points.”

The distribution system doesn’t require a pipe rail and can be mounted onto a cart, tractor or spray equipment, and can handle all common beneficial carrier materials, like vermiculite, sawdust, bran and buck wheat husk. 

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