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New Tomatoes

Jennifer Polanz
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Nature Fresh Farms may be expanding for berry production (I wrote about that in the November issue), but they haven’t forgotten one of their biggest crops: tomatoes. The company has a new addition to the lineup—these uniquely deep purple (almost black) two-bite tomatoes called Yoom.

“The Yoom is the perfect complement to our existing tomato offerings,” according to Matt Quiring, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, in the announcement. “Its full and complex flavor, matched with its small size, crisp texture and juicy interior provide a well-rounded tomato that will appeal to many consumers.”

The flavor and the look aren’t the only selling points. This little tomato packs a nutritious punch, according to Nature Fresh, with high levels of antioxidants, anthocyanin and lycopene, Vitamins A and C, magnesium and potassium. It’s also a good source of fiber.

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