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New Plant Food

Jennifer Polanz
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BioSafe Systems calls TerraGrow Liquid a “specialty blend of beneficial microbial organisms formulated to invigorate plant health.”

It can be used in hydroponic production, as well as greenhouse container crops, and BioSafe says it establishes beneficial microbes in the root zone, improving nutrient availability to the plants, as well as promoting root growth and boosting plant health. When used as a foliar spray, it stimulates plant growth and vigor, boosts abiotic stress tolerance, supports strong flowering and fruit quality, and improves overall crop health.

It’s important to note TerraGrow is OMRI-listed for organic use. It contains five Bacillus species, inert microbial food and some of BioSafe’s own biostimulant additions like protein hydrolysate and kelp extract. IG

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